Dog Gone Walking - Dog Walking Service
Personalized Dog Walking, Dog Boarding, Puppy Visits and Cat Sitting Services For Your Pet in Toronto's East End by Cheryl Benson
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Dog Gone Walking

Are you in need of a responsible dog walking service in Toronto's East end but don't know where to turn?



Call Cheryl Benson at Dog Gone Walking
and get back on track.

A dog spends most of his or her life doing what humans want to do, and hardly any doing what dogs want to do - which is to pull out all the stops and tear around in whatever terrain is available. Whether it be an ordinary city park, a race along the beach, or exploring a wilderness area, Dog Gone Walking can provide your urban canine with this very important outlet that often gets overlooked.

Let me dispel a popular myth....

There's no such thing as good "clean" fun

 2005 Cheryl Benson